Trying to tackle the mother of all mental illness (getting much worse
with age), with a combo wholistic approach, throw the kitchen sink at
me :

exercise (only works very short-term for me for stress, not anxiety)
daily regular routine (can barely get out of bed lately, but he has a
point, gotta get outof the house every day, too depressing there)
breathing exercises or Yoga (tried first, nope, never tried Yoga)
no caffeine ever (don't drink much now, except when tired and driving,
so i am alert)
no alcohol ever (this will be tough but i know he is right, it is
killing me by inches)
therapy, not sure : perhaps Cognitive behavioral again (tried it
medication : anti-benzo (uggh, I know it's a dog chasing its tail, but
its the best pro vs con profile for me out there), so Prozac (there
goes the libido and sleep), Manerix and/or Nardil (he clearly doesn't
know since i've been on every med there is for anxiety and depression)
(am on Clonazepam now, not perfect, but what is, best so far,. but yes

Anyone ever had a huge consultation even after 20 years of same
problem ? Any positive experiences ?


Good luck to all