OMG, will I set LLL into a "what if" crisis?? Sure hope not :-( "What
if" I do?? "What if" I keep posting here?? Will the "whats" get her,
or the "ifs"?? "What if" she can't figure it out??

Get over it already. "What if" you'd of just answered my first
"sincere" post, about anxiety/panic?? Nope, just couldn't help spittin
out a bunch of "misunderstood" BS. That was nonya business anyway.
Told ya, no troll,in his right mind would bother this group. Ever hear
of a troll committing "Suicide by boredom"?? Couple of days here, he'd
be doomed. LLL, have you lurked ARAA yet?? Open invitation. "What if"
you do?? You might just learn something, but I ain't puttin money on
it. Funny nic ya got there by the way?? When do you actually take
the time to Live, Love, and Laugh, when you're so busy lurking
SSDI?? ****, gave you another "what if" :-( Sorry LLL JR