Tucson Tango Festival
March 14-19, 2012
- 2 for 1 Special Expires @ Midnight!!! Hurry!!!
Get Six Days of Tango Bliss
One Festival - One Roof

From October 21-23, 2011 Two-For-One Full Festival Pass get two full
passes for only $280.00. Come to the festival that set the standard
for tango festivals. If you have noticed everyone is using our format
now... One Roof One Festival!!

Already over three hundred registrations have come in and we still
have 13 hours to go!! 26 States and 7 Countries are lined up to join
us in March...
Take advantage of this 2 for 1 deal and join your friends old and new!

All VIPs and DJs are available for private lessons at our festival.

Get on board now! The Tucson Tango Festival is exciting as is,
If you have noticed in past years things really start getting excited
the last couple of months before the festival kicks off. I have a firm
"YES!" Policy toward ideas and innovations. So new and exciting events
are always coming in at the last minute. Get on board now! This offer
won't happen again!

Offer Expires Midnight October 23rd! 2 For One!!! $280 for 2

Get 6 Full Days of Tango Heaven... Wednesday thru Monday FOR 2 PEOPLE
ONLY $280!! 24 Classes & 10 Milongas!! Guerrilla Milonga not included
Tucson Tango Festival - Full Festival Pass (Guerrilla Milonga not
Please include the name and email address of your second party in the
comments section of the payment page or email them to us.

We received an inquiry about the two for one pass being slanted toward
couples... I assure you this is not the intention. Anyone that dances
tango regularly has friends that dance tango too, grab a friend -
perferably one of another gender, but not required - and register
together! After you have exhausted all your resources and are still
unable to connect with another dancer please contact us and we will be
happy to assist.

Additional Individual Early-bird Discounts Below - these Expire
October 23, 2011

All Milonga Pass for One Person Only $85.00

10 Milongas at only $8.50 each!! ONLY $85.00
Tucson Tango Festival ---> Milonga Pass ALL MILONGAS (Guerrilla
Milonga not included)
Early Bird Rate - for one person only - Friday --> Sunday Rates --

Since we have extended the length of our festival, we are offering a
Friday Arrival Special for those that might not be able to make the
whole week:
Tucson Tango Festival ---> Friday - Sunday Pass Regular Rate $160
(Guerrila Milonga not included)
We are offering a 2 for 1 special to help ensure gender balance and to
help save your precious tango budget. Grab a friend (hopefully a lead/
follow blend, though not mandatory) and register between October 21
and 23 to get the special! You dance and study tango regularly and you
have friends that dance tango, so grab a friend and register together!
Go to a local class or a milonga this week and ask some one to join
you! If after you have exhausted all your resources if you are still
unable to connect with another dancer please contact us and we will be
happy to assist.

Yes! We will accept group registrations. Make your checks payable to
Jorsty Inc. 3305 N. Pebble Rapids Place, Tucson AZ 85712
(registrations must be received in mail no later than October 24th to
receive the 2 for 1). Simply give the names of both registrants; phone
numbers and emails are required. Not transferable! Refunds will be use
for future years only.

2012 Tucson Tango Festival

10 Milongas
24 Classes
Vendors Galore
DJ Classes with Tine Herreman
Musicality Class by Grisha Nisnevich
Lectures and Chamuyos!
ALL NEW Guerilla Bus Route - Not included in full pass!

The festival will as always have everything you love about Tango
Argentino!!! PLUS, we have a stellar group of instructors and DJs this

Murat & Michelle Erdemsel
Daniela Pucci and Luis Bianchi
Oscar Casas and Ana Miguel
Yuliana Basmajyan and Brian Nguyen
Grisha Nisnevich
Rachel Lidskog
Tine Herreman
Homer Ladas
Luis Bianchi
Sabah Chammas
Paul Akmajian
Larry Richelli
Martin Rybczynski
Jay Abling
Joanne Canalli
We look forward to having you here in March for six days of Tango

Love and Hugs,
Rusty & Jo
"By all means... the means to all ends... is love!" ~Rusty Cline~

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Tucson Tango Events and Sponsors
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Tucson Meet Yourself was a hit! We had more than 70 people total take
a FREE tango class!

October 22, 2011
Saturday, 1pm-5pm
Introduction to Argentine Tango

October 23, 2011
Sunday, 1pm-5pm
Advanced Seminar: Leaders and Followers Technique Workshop!

November 12, 2011
Saturday, 1pm-5pm
Advanced Seminar


Albuquerque Tango Festival
November 3-6, 2011


March 14-19, 2012



VOTED #!1 Sponsor by TucsonTango.com: The talented: Inna Rohr!!

Tucson Tango Festival and Tango Allure Artist

Learn-To-Tango, PO Box 3766, Tucson, AZ 85722, 520-468-5536
[email protected]