Saturday Feb 9th 8am EST

I hope this is ok for the majority of you. No time will work for all.
I should get the new pumping cyclinder today or tomorrow. That is why
I pushed it to Saturday. So log on to Yahoo and IM me at solomes2 and
I will INVITE you to conference. That way everyone can ask questions
to each other and I can explain. Not sure if my volume will work,
always 50-50 with Yahoo.I will be on INVISIBLE but if you open IM
window you can connect to my video without even asking me or joining
conference. Some prefer privavcy.

I hope more than one will demo pumping. While in conference those with
pumping webcams will let evryone know.

That will not take that long. I will also show you exercise I do
called 'jelking'.

Then I will a trimix demo -injection of 40 units of trimix into my
cock. So see everyone this Saturday morning at 8am est. Hope you can
make it.