This study may be right for you if you:

• Are an adult with pain in your legs while walking or at rest
• Are able to attend clinic visits in your area
• Meet other study criteria

The study is for men and women who have Peripheral Artery Disease
(PAD). PAD is also known as “hardening of the arteries”. In PAD, the
inside of the blood vessel becomes narrow and blood flow is reduced.
PAD affects about 8-12 million people in the US. It can lead to
serious health problems such as stroke, heart attack, or amputation.
Early symptoms of PAD may include cramping, or pain in the legs and
heavy or tired legs while exercising or at rest. Only about one third
of all people with PAD feel pain. Most people with PAD have no
symptoms at all.

There are many treatments used to improve blood flow in the blood
vessels. DEFINITIVE™ Ca++ is a research study that will test the
safety and use of two devices designed to improve blood flow. All
patients who meet the study criteria and who provide informed consent
will undergo testing to determine eligibility, followed by a procedure
using study devices designed to remove plaque. Patients will be
scheduled for follow-up assessments pre-discharge and 30-days
following the procedure.

For more information and/ or to confidentially determine if you
qualify for this research study, please call 866-860-6294 and/or visit