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Rosemary Kennedy was mentally ill!
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    chessucat Guest

    Default Rosemary Kennedy was mentally ill!

    Researchers disagree over the initial assessment of Rosemary's
    condition. According to the author Laurence Leamer, Rosemary Kennedy
    was "probably the first person with mental retardation in America to
    receive a prefrontal lobotomy". Ronald Kessler, author of The Sins of
    the Father: Joseph P. Kennedy and the Dynasty He Founded, disagrees
    with this assessment. He believes that Rosemary's problem was instead
    mental illness. He says it’s true that Rosemary had always been slower
    than the other children. But as a teenager, she was able to write
    endearing letters, dance, and do arithmetic. At the age of nine,
    Rosemary neatly and correctly multiplied and divided: 428 ื 32 =
    13696, for example.[7]

    Joseph Kennedy's aide, Edward Moore, with whom Rosemary lived for
    years before the Kennedy family moved to London for Kennedy's
    ambassadorship, said, "She's not quite right", tapping his head.
    Returning from London at the age of 22, Rosemary apparently regressed
    in mental skills, became "tense and irritable, upset easily and
    unpredictably … tantrums … rages … convulsive episodes". [8]

    Kathleen Kennedy's former boyfriend, John White, claimed that Kathleen
    admitted to him the secret that Rosemary had learning problems—but
    what really concerned her father were "mood changes" and a "new
    neurological disturbance." She added that "the family considered
    Rosemary a disgrace and failure'". [9]

    Kessler conducted the only interview with Dr. Watts, who "told the
    author that, in his opinion, Rosemary had suffered not from mental
    retardation, but from a form of depression. … 'It may have been
    agitated depression, you're agitated, you're shaky. You talk in an
    agitated way.'"

    Kessler writes, "A review of all records by the two doctors confirmed
    Dr. Watt's [sic] declaration. … None of the papers listed any of the
    patients as being mentally retarded. … According to a review in the
    American Journal of Psychiatry, of all reports of lobotomies ever
    done, the procedure was only used for psychiatric illness." [10]

    "One of the doctors who knew the truth was Dr. Bertram S. Brown, …
    executive director of the President's Panel on Mental Retardation,"
    Kessler writes. "According to Dr. Brown, the fact that Rosemary could
    do arithmetic meant that her IQ was well above 75, the cutoff used by
    most states for purposes of classification in schools to define mental
    retardation." At the age of nine, she did problems like 428 ื 32 =
    13696, 3924 / 6 = 654. At age 16 she wrote to her father, "I would do
    anything to make you so happy. I hate to disapoint [sic] you in anyway
    [sic]." Her diary reveals an ability to write about and understand
    various situations around her.

    Kessler quotes Dr. Brown, a former director of the National Institute
    of Mental Health, as saying, "If she did division and multiplication,
    she was over an IQ of 75. She was not mentally retarded. … It could be
    she had an IQ of 90 in a family where everyone was 130, so it looked
    like retardation, but she did not fall into IQ 75 and below, which is
    the definition of mental retardation. … There is no way I can picture
    her at less than a 90 IQ, but in that family, 90 would be considered

    Kessler adds that in Dr. Brown's opinion, the family's treatment of
    Rosemary led to her mental illness. "I think it's likely she was
    somewhat slower than the others. Then she was treated as if she was
    retarded. Then it becomes reactive depression, including rages and
    loss of control. That is mental illness. … The reason she got
    depressed was that she reacted to being treated as a lesser member of
    the family." While the children tried to include her in their
    activities, "given the highly competitive environment of the Kennedy
    family, they could not help but to communicate to her that she was not
    up to their standards." The fact that Joe banished Rosemary to live
    with his aide demonstrated his rejection of her. "The stigma of mental
    illness in those days was like tuberculosis or cancer or worse. Mental
    retardation is more benignly not your fault. … Even in [Dr. Watt's]
    day, performing a lobotomy on someone who was mentally retarded would
    have been medical malpractice."

    According to Kessler, Dr. Brown called the suppression of the truth
    "the biggest mental health cover-up in history". Since the "public
    story" is still that Rosemary was retarded, the "lack of support for
    mental illness is part of a total lifelong family denial of what was
    really so. … Some of us knew the secret and kept it secret. …"

    This is what they did to the mentally ill in Massachusetts back then.
    The Eugenic Movement had a lot of followers in Massachusetts. Very
    evil Kennedy!:-(

    <chessucat growls>

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    Miguel Alberto Guest

    Default Re: Rosemary Kennedy was mentally ill!

    In 1933 Hitler complimented the Massachusetts Eugenics Society,
    and there was so much eugenics in the state government that, in
    reciprocation Massachusetts uniformed its state troopers in Nazi
    Today, those Nazi uniforms are being fazed out and replaced by
    Smokie the Bear uniforms, but, watch out for those troopers who are
    holding on to their Nazi uniforms!

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