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my hand is numb
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    Default my hand is numb

    about a week ago my pinky finger started getting tingly, within 3 days my pinky, ring finger and part of hand was numb. now it is starting to affect my middle finger most of my hand and up my arm. when i raise my hand it starts to tingle and builds until it is very painful, but stops once i lower my hand. i have no grip and it feels as if those fingers aren't really there.

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    Hi shadowlove
    It sounds as though you may have trapped a nerve. you need to see your doctor sooner rather than later.

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    I would check with a doctor.

    I have had an experience similar, I had slept really hard and my hand did fall asleep, it seemed to take days for it to go away.

    You might of slept wrong.

    Good luck, let us know how it went.

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    It seems that you have a problem with your sensation. I am a nurse and I knew that there are a lot of remedies we can use to lessen the pain. When I had pain I deal my issues using the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics. It worked for e. check it out, Leading Edge Technology To Reduce Physical Pain & Stress - Energy Medicine

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    It sounds like you may have carpel tunnel syndrome. I would go to your doctor or even a chiropractor to get yourself tested.

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    Guess what, it may be none of the above. You may have bone fragments from arthritis in your joints of your hands fingers wrists that are only visible on mri,
    the result being that they irritate and inflame the nerves to the point they become painful and dont signal the right responses to the fingers. Get to a rheumie
    and get that mri before you have any more damage.... or at least know that is not the problem. get hand and wrists spints ... they protect your hands during sleep
    and they will feel and work so much better in the morning. . I didnt know about this due to doctor(s) errors and have done a lot of damage. I am now on orencia
    (extreme) but might have been helped earlier by simple ibuprofen regimen. Good Luck
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    Did you figured out what's going on wit you?

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