( International travel is slowly but surely making a comeback this 2023. And in case you're still looking for your next destination, you might want to give good ol' Macau a visit. A couple of airlines have already announced the return of their direct flights to the peninsula: Cebu Pacific and AirAsia Philippines are both starting their MNL-MFM route in March.

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Book your direct flights to Macau starting this March:

Ah yes, the Las Vegas of Asia, with Macau's strip of casinos, fancy malls, and outlet stores. Many a tourist has made a quick stop at Macau pre-pandemic, either as a trip on its own or coming from Hong Kong. But with strict quarantine and testing protocols affecting the area following the COVID-19 pandemic, travel to this country has taken a backseat relative to its other Asian counterparts. But all that is about to change following the easing of testing requirements not only in Macau but also in its neighboring countries of Hong Kong and China.

Fly direct with AirAsia 

Starting March 2, AirAsia will have direct flights from Manila to Macau, with flights every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Flights from Manila to Macau are expected to take about two hours and 25 minutes.

For more information, visit airasia Super App's Facebook page.

Fly direct with Cebu Pacific

Another budget carrier will be making direct flights to Macau come late March. Cebu Pacific will start daily direct flights to Macau starting March 26. You can book flights with one-way base fares starting as low as P988 all year-round

For more information, visit Cebu Pacific Air's Facebook page.

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