Don't let fear stop you from planning that solo trip you've always wanted. That sense of anxiety is nothing compared to the lessons you can learn while traveling solo. It is time to forget about what people say and take charge of your dreams.

With some careful planning and research, you can totally make your dream trip happen. Take a lesson from these celebrities who had a blast. They show us that stepping out of our comfort zone can lead to awesome adventures. So, let's *ditch* the fear and go make some amazing memories!

Here Are Filipino Celebs Who Traveled Solo

1. BINI Aiah - Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Thailand solo trips

BINI Aiah didn't just limit her solo travels to one destination; she explored three countries in just one week. She visited Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Thailand on her own, describing the experience as making her "feel free as a bird". Her journey inspires us to take things slow and savor every moment, reminding us that "buhay ay di karera" (life is not a race).

2. Kim Chiu - Singapore solo trip

Kim Chiu just had the time of her life traveling solo in Singapore. Not only did she explore the city on her own, but she also attended Taylor Swift's Eras Tour concert by herself. What a fantastic way to sing your lungs out, and not care about what others think!

She shared the experience in her vlog, making it even more exciting by revealing that she spent just 10 hours in the country alone! The actress mentioned that the best part of traveling alone is the opportunity to discover yourself.

3. Kathryn Bernardo - Australia solo trip

Another Swiftie spotted here! Kathryn Bernardo flew to Melbourne, Australia, to watch T-Swift. Traveling by herself has given Kathryn a newfound sense of freedom, allowing her to embrace her independence. This empowering experience has shown her the joy and growth that comes from stepping out of her comfort zone and exploring the world.

4. Gabbi Garcia - Japan solo trip

Gabbi Garcia's solo trip to Japan serves as a reminder that you can still pursue your own adventures, even while in a relationship. So don't feel guilty if you need some "me time."

And of course, traveling by yourself may come with several challenges (including getting lost and navigating directions on your own) but Gabbi clearly overcame such experiences. This inspires us to fearlessly venture out in new directions.

5. Julia Barretto - Italy solo trip

Love wandering around aimlessly? Julia Barretto proved that losing your way doesn't have to be bad. Who doesn't wanna get lost in an adventure-packed Italy? Embracing the spontaneity of exploration, Julia turned what could have been a moment of frustration into an opportunity for discovery...and lots of *fit checks*.

6. Bianca Gonzalez - Bhutan solo trip

Bianca Gonzalez chose a unique celebration for her 40th birthday — a solo vacay to Bhutan. For Bianca, the trip embodied personal growth and fulfillment.

In a heartfelt caption, Bianca expressed her deep appreciation to her husband for recognizing her longing for solo travel and wholeheartedly supporting her dream. Her experience serves as a powerful reminder that motherhood doesn't have to mean sacrificing personal passions or independence.

7. Bela Padilla - Bohol solo trip

Are you a bit like Bela Padilla, with an unstoppable itch to book flights whenever you get the chance? Embracing adulthood often goes hand in hand with independence and self-confidence, as seen via Bela Padilla's solo trip to Bohol. What makes this exciting is that this was also her way of celebrating International Women's Month.

Bela's love for travel didn't stop there. In fact, her passion for exploring new places eventually led her to make a big move. In 2021, Bela decided to move to the UK, where she currently resides, continuing her journey as a traveler and adventurer in her new home abroad.

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