(SPOT.ph) So, it's your nth Valentine’s Day with your long-term boyfriend or girlfriend, and at this point, you've done everything there is to do in the city with an SO—fine dining, ice skating, Intramuros tour, museum-hopping, picnics, you get the gist. While we get over the #SanaAll vibes, we're sure you're left asking if there is anything left romantic to do?

Enter Asia Pacific-based aviation startup Seaplane Group. They're your way to experience the best view of Bonifacio Global City from 500 feet up in the air. We’re not just talking about airplanes, either.

From February 14 to 18 and 23 to 26, you can book a private helicopter tour of BGC for P3,800 per person using the promo code GOPH on the Seaplane Group website. Dubbed the BGC Skyflyer Aerial Tour, think of it as a way to bring your love to new heights. Pun intended. And considering that a swanky wine and dine sesh could cost around the same amount, it ain't bad at all.

The tour lasts for a brief seven to eight minutes, but we bet that’s all you need to remember that date for a lifetime. Each helicopter can seat a maximum of four people, so you can also spend those minutes sharing the memory with another couple.

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Helicopter rides for the luxury commuter

And for the singles out there, don't feel left out. You can still enjoy this luxury ride even without a partner as this helicopter experience will still be available beyond Valentine's. Seaplane Group will officially launch the ride-sharing and private charter service in Metro Manila on Wednesday, February 1.

Apart from the BGC Skyflyer Aerial Tour, Seaplane Group has another route: an air shuttle service from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport to BGC and vice versa. If you really think about it, a starting price of P3,800 isn’t a far cry from what other car-hailing services charge its passengers these days. Why not give it a shot and skip the city traffic in the best way possible?

For more information, head to the Seaplane Group PH Facebook group

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