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Family vacations are filled with so many highlights. There are all the grins and giggles and core memories made. But there can also be a lot of pain points. Getting there can be a total drag with a backseat chorus of "Are we there yet?!" (Which is why we always have travel toys!) And the change of scenery can totally mess with a kid's sleep schedule. Which is why Shawn Johnson goes to great lengths to make sure her three kids get the rest they need when they're on vacation.

Her husband Andrew East posted an Instagram Reel with the words "Mommas commitment to our kids sleep is 100," over it. In the video, Johnson makes the room "blackout" by hanging blankets over the windows using bungee cords. "Honestly, she inspires me and is such a great mom," East wrote over footage of Shawn "getting creative" and placing a lot of pizza boxes between the window pane and the blinds.

"this is how @shawnjohnson spends a good portion of vacation- recreating our home environment 😂," he captioned the video.

And while we have to give it up for Johnson and her willingness to put in all that work to make sure her kids fall asleep (and hopefully stay asleep!), followers say there's a much easier way.

"There are travel blackout curtains for this exact reason! We love ours and they suction to the window!" one follower said. "They make blackout curtains with suction cups! You can get them on Amazon! LIFE changing!" another commented.

Amazon Basics Portable Travel Window Blackout Curtain Shades with Suction Cups

One follower - and nearly 12 thousand happy shoppers - swears by these specific travel blackout curtains from Amazon Basics. They're easy to stick to and remove from windows, can fold up and fit in their carrying case, and come in an adorable moon and stars print.

Or, if you forget to pack the travel curtains (let's face it, something is getting left behind), followers say you don't have to order extra ‘za for your kids to get some extra z's. Ditch the cardboard boxes and run to the store for some painter's tape and black garbage bags or tin foil.

Regardless of how she gets it done, fans are standing by Johnson's commitment and they totally understand why she'd be breaking out bungee cords and breaking down pizza boxes. "Such a good mama! As a mama of two boys I am the same way… them getting good sleep = my sanity 😆."

Earlier this year, Johnson - who shares kids Drew, Jett, and Bear with East - shared one of the travel toys that keeps 4-year-old Drew happy: Putty! But not just any putty. The Olympic gymnast's daughter had a tin of Crazy Aaron's Hide Inside! Mixed Emotions Thinking Putty. (Say that five times fast!)

Crazy Aaron's Hide Inside! Mixed Emotions Thinking Putty

The $15 putty is not only a sensory delight (what kid doesn't love something smooshy and squishy?!), but it's also a fun little hide-and-seek-type game. Inside the clear putty are a bunch of little smiley faces and kids have to find the six that have a different expression. When they're done, they can squish and mix it all up before starting again.

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