In northeastern Ohio, the medium-sized town of Akron is nestled. Parks cover more than 6,000 acres in the city, and nearby lakes and reservoirs, as well as many golf courses, provide recreational opportunities; Cuyahoga Valley National Park's southern boundary is just north of Akron. Another famous attraction in Akron is the Akron Art Museum, as well as the Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens, which are all historic enterprises in the city.

In Akron, you will find some delectable dishes that you just cannot miss! There are some mouth-watering dishes and tasty dishes like Crinkle Cookies, Matzo Ball Soup, and Lamb Shank and many more. Continue reading to know more.

1. Crinkle Cookies

Chocolate crinkle cookies are a must have staple for the Christmas season! They are delicious chocolate cookies that have been rolled in powdered sugar, baked, and when cooled have cracked or crinkled tops. These scrumptious American cookies date back all the way to the first part of the 20th century.

The most popular places to try out Crinkle Cookies are bakery, Carousel Bakery and Chocolate Crinkle Cookies.

2. Matzo Ball Soup

Matzo Ball soup is found at most every Jewish Seder (Passover Meal). It is basically a bowl of chicken broth with big Matzah balls in it. This is a dish that runs deep in Jewish tradition. It is thought to have been invented by the Ashkenazi Jews who also created a variety of Central European bread dumplings (knödels).

The most popular places to try out Matzo Ball Soup are Niko's Sandwich Board, BATALOGIANNI and Diamond Deli.

3. Lamb Shank

A lamb shank comes from the muscular part of an animal's leg which is largely comprised of connective tissue. This makes the meat rather tough when eating. In order to tenderize the meat, this type of dish is usually slow cooked. Braising or stewing the lamb shank not only makes it more tender but also ensures that it comes out succulent and juicy.

The most popular places to try out Lamb Shank are Alexander Pierce and papa gyros.

4. Cinnamon Maple Ice Cream

Usually consumed as either a snack or dessert, ice cream is a type of frozen food that has a sweet taste. It is often made from cream or milk and contains a sweetener such as sugar and spices like cocoa and vanilla. This version contains cinnamon which is a great spice that is very popular in the fall. It also includes maple syrup which gives it a very sweet taste.

The most popular places to try out Cinnamon Maple Ice Cream is Best Beer.

5. Shaker Lemon Pie

The original shaker lemon pie filling recipe calls for ordinary lemons, white sugar, and eggs. The entire lemon including peel is sliced paper thin, gently mixed with sugar, and left to macerate for at least four hours and possibly up to a full day. During this time the mixture should be stirred every few hours, and any seeds picked out. The sugar will dissolve and the peel will soften. The beaten eggs are then mixed in, the filling added to the crust, either a lattice or full top crust added, and the pie baked. The resulting filling is a cross between marmalade and lemon curd. The pie is best served warm.

The most popular places to try out Shaker Lemon Pie are LOST ANTHES, hidden valley ranch and Chacha Feeka Famous Lassi Peray Wali.

6. Pumpkin Ravioli

Pumpkin ravioli is a traditional pasta dish from Lombardy, located in northern Italy. It is a type of pasta that contains a pumpkin filling within it's thin pasta dough. This form of ravioli is very ancient and, in fact, dates back to the Renaissance, when the Gonzaga family ruled Mantua.

The most popular places to try out Pumpkin Ravioli is Christopher's.

7. Caesar Salad

Caesar salad dressing is made with lemon juice (or lime juice), olive oil, egg, Worcestershire sauce, anchovies, garlic, Dijon mustard, Parmesan cheese, and black pepper, to taste. The salad's creation is generally attributed to restaurateur Caesar Cardini, an Italian immigrant who operated restaurants in Mexico and the United States. His daughter Rosa recounted that her father invented the salad at his restaurant Caesar's (at the Hotel Caesar in Tijuana, Mexico) when a Fourth of July rush in 1924 depleted the kitchen's supplies. Cardini made do with what he had, adding the dramatic flair of the table-side tossing "by the chef.

The most popular places to try out Caesar Salad are BEST FINING DINING RESTAURANT, Piada Italian Street Food and 53 new oxford st.

8. Stuffed Baked Apples

A dish of German baked apples is commonly called Apple Schnitzers. This delicious German baked apple dish is made with the Dutch Belled de Boskoop apple. Apples are Germany's most widely grown fruit in the land. They are used to prepare many foods and drinks in the German cuisine.

The most popular places to try out Stuffed Baked Apples are old city, LOST ANTHES and what a bagel.

9. Aperol

Aperol has a distinctive bitter, fruity and floral taste. Its alcohol is considerably low at 1% ABV. This Italian liqueur from Padua was invented in 1919 by the Barbieri brothers. It is made infusing bitter and sweet oranges, rhubarb, herbs, and alcohol. It boasts a low alcohol content of 11% ABV.

The most popular places to try out Aperol are Christopher's and Beigel Shop.

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