Mild fatty liver diet principles are: low-fat, low-energy, high dietary
fiber, moderate protein diet.
Low-fat low-energy food: mainly coarse grains, potato, vegetable, fish,
poultry class, rabbit meat, mushrooms, etc..
staple: Available buckwheat or oats, corn, rice Chazi increase the half
cooked rice into the two together, or eat buckwheat noodles, oats,
Vegetables: Eat 3 5 species, total of about 400 to 500 grams of dietary
fiber-rich multi-selection with celery, leeks and other root foods.
should not use the high-fat foods such as poultry fat fat class, heavy
cakes, fried Food Eat less sweets, such as various candies, desserts,
chocolate, sugary drinks, sweets to prevent high-carbohydrate into liver
fat accumulation. to ensure adequate quality protein-rich foods, such as
low-fat milk, fish , legumes and products. Jijiu, especially the mild
alcoholic fatty liver, alcohol can heal after.
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