This is the frightening moment a skydiver fell from the top of a hot air balloon before he was able to land safely on a farm in southeastern Brazil.

Columbia native Jhovanny Duran can be seen standing on the balloon taking five steps and attempting to slide off it when he suddenly fell through the canvas.

The 31-year-old father-of-one fell about 65 feet into the balloon, landing in the basket and making contact with the torch before he was ejected.

However, Duran was able to maintain his composure and opened the parachute prior to landing on a farm, where a resident aided him.

The Colombian daredevil was rushed to an area hospital, where he had surgery for a fractured left leg. He also received for burns to his legs, chin, cheek and nose.

The incident took place June 1 in the São Paulo city of Boituva and Duran has been home recovering since then.

In an interview with Brazilian news magazine show Fantástico that aired on Sunday, Duran said none of the six other divers who joined him on the mission had ever jumped from a hot air balloon but that he had seen other people do it on the internet.

'There was no other athlete, another experience person, who would give us the safety information we had to climb or what we had to do to walk on top of the balloon, to jump, to get out,' he said.

The owner of the balloon, Duran indicated, provided the group some instructions on how to proceed with the 'risky leap.'

As he stood atop the balloon, he found that balloon was not stable enough as he followed the owner's instructions of stepping only on the canvas' thickest lines.

'He (the owner) said, when you step on it, you will feel that it has more pressure. If it has pressure, it's the right one,' Duran said. 'When I took one, two, three steps and threw myself to slide, I felt like I sank.'

Duran has been living in Brazil for ten years and celebrated his birthday at the weekend.

Jair Grillo, who was piloting the balloon, told the news outlet that all seven skydivers received his instructions, which he claim Duran didn't follow.

'Unfortunately, the athlete in question ended up making this jump that ended up not supporting his weight. OK? But yes, it's a joke for the athlete before leaving,' he said.

'It is explained more than once. For them to come out, it is on top of the support tape,' he added. 

'And in the video itself it shows that he ended up not running on top of the tape, he runs in the middle of the fabric and throws himself.'

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