A family claims their £3,500 villa getaway was ruined when they lost access to running water for 24 hours in 40-degree heat - and were told by Jet2 to 'use the swimming pool'.

Laura Adediji booked a week-long Jet2 package holiday to Coral Bay, Cyprus, last month with six family members, including her two young children. The 36-year-old said she was shocked when three days into the trip their water supply dried up and they were unable to wash or access drinking water from the taps for 24 hours.

Laura says she contacted the villa company and Jet2 'numerous times' and when she explained their predicament on June 19th was assured the water would be restored 'soon'. But Laura claims the sweltering family, who endured temperatures of up to 40 degrees, was merely told by text that 'water from the pool could be used to help flush the toilet'.

The waste company director says the family was forced to cancel taxis and a restaurant booking because they didn't want to go out without showering after lying by the pool all day. Laura is demanding a full refund for the holiday due to the 'shocking' Jet2 customer service. Jet2 said there had been a municipal water cut temporarily affecting the area and advised water from the pool could be used to help flush the toilet.

Laura, from Cannock, Staffordshire, said: "I decided to contact the villa provider directly and they said they hadn't heard anything from Jet2 and came round on Wednesday. We decided to go out for dinner on Wednesday night and had booked the restaurant and taxis. I had a shower first and my son was half-way through his shower when the water went.

"There was no water in the toilets, in the sink, washing machine or in any of the bathrooms. I called Jet2 and they said they would contact the villa and get back to us but we heard nothing from them. We had to cancel our meal and taxis, everything, because we didn't want to go out without having a shower after laying by the pool all day."

Laura described the lack of access to running water for such a prolonged period of time as 'dangerous'. Laura said: "We called them numerous times and they said you should have water by 12 noon so every hour we rang Jet2 and the villa provider and they just kept telling us 'you'll get it soon'. We got told by Jet2 over email and text that we can use the swimming pool water. That's disgusting.

"It's like 40 degrees. It's really hot, you can't expect a family of seven to be in a villa without running water, regardless of whether there's a swimming pool here or not. It's not just been one or two hours without water, it's been over 12 hours, it should be urgent. If there'd been a fire in the villa, what should we do?"

Laura doesn't recommend the holiday provider after the family's experience. Laura said: "Jet2 have been shocking, there's been no communication, they've not been helpful. It's been dreadful, we wouldn't recommend anyone stay here. We expect a full refund without a doubt, the customer service has been shocking. We've rang them well over 15 times, it just isn't getting escalated."

A Jet2 spokesman said: "We have spoken with the customer directly to resolve this matter. We can confirm that there was a municipal water cut temporarily affecting the entire area, which obviously impacted the villa too. We have provided the customer with regular updates, and as part of this, the customer was advised that water from the pool could be used to help flush the toilet."

A spokesman for the villa said: "We are aware of the situation and are in direct contact with the customer to rectify the issues they have experienced. Our team is in touch with Jet2 about the matter and we will work together to ensure a satisfactory resolution."

The Water Supply Department of the Pegeia Municipality has been contacted for comment.

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