The most terrifying and dangerous creatures living underwater

The oceans and wetlands are inhabited by some of the most lethal creatures on Earth. Consider the hidden dangers beneath the surface of the water the next time you go swimming in the sea or take a leisurely paddle in a river! These aquatic animals range from poisonous to outright vicious. Intrigued? Click through this gallery to see the most dangerous water-dwellers in the world.

Why Malta should be your next idyllic vacation

One of the smallest countries in Europe, Malta is truly a jewel of the Mediterranean. The archipelago drifts between Italy and North Africa, and is often overlooked despite its rich history, gorgeous terrain, and abundant sunshine. Somehow this idyllic location has remained off many people’s radar, making it even more of a must-see destination. Whether you’re a solo traveler or with a family, looking for parties or relaxation, searching for the finest food or architecture—Malta has something for everyone. So when you’re planning your next vacation, skip the tourist-packed obvious choices in Europe, and head to the islands. Click on to see some stunning photos that'll have you booking tickets.

Intriguing and unknown facts about Air Force One

If you're curious about the lives of American presidents, then Air Force One has a plethora of fascinating facts waiting to be explored. To uncover everything you never knew about the White House in the sky, fasten your seatbelt and keep your seat upright. Don't miss out on the opportunity to delve into the intriguing world of Air Force One and its role in American history. Click through the gallery to get started.

Mona Lisa to stay at the Louvre, top French court rules

The Top 10 everyone's talking about: Who's the most attractive man in Britain?

Loisa Andalio faces backlash for solo travel comments

Actress Loisa Andalio has come under fire from netizens following her remarks about solo traveling. Andalio, who prefers to travel with her boyfriend Ronnie Alonte, expressed her confusion over the idea of traveling alone, stating that it seemed lonely to her. “Grabe yung pinagdadaanan talaga siguro nila para gusto nilang maging solo traveler na lang,”

The only country located in all four hemispheres

When people think of civilization, their minds often conjure images of cities and vast landscapes that form part of entire countries and territories. But one lesser-known nation goes against this convention: the Republic of Kiribati. This unique place stands as a testament to culture and what it takes to live while surrounded by the vast expanse of the ocean. Intrigued? Click through this gallery and join us as we take a closer look at this cultural, environmental, and historical paradise.

The creepiest cemeteries in the world

There are some cemeteries around the world that are not home to gravestones alone, but also spooky spirits and tales of paranormal activity. In this gallery, check out the most haunted graveyards from around the world!

Escape to the Country star Jules Hudson's 'massive' decision after need for 'escape'

Escape to the Country's Jules Hudson has been presenting the popular show - which helps people find their dream rural homes - since 2007 and has now opened up on his own rural life

Trains severely disrupted as heavy downpours spark deluges in Britain

Avanti West Coast services were cancelled after the line became deluged between Carlisle and Lockerbie, with passengers warned: 'Do not travel north of Preston'.

Norway to block entry for most Russian tourists, Moscow says it will respond

OSLO (Reuters) -Norway will further curb access for Russian tourist travellers due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, blocking almost all entry from May 29, the Nordic country's justice ministry said on Thursday. Russia called the decision "purely discriminatory" and said it would respond. Norway, a NATO member that shares a border with Russia in the Arctic measuring almost 200 km (124 miles), first

What is the significance of the American flag hung upside down?

Kolmanskop: tour this ghost town buried in sand

As hard as it is to believe, Kolmanskop was once one of the world's wealthiest towns. This ghost town is buried deep in the heart of the Namib desert in Namibia slowly getting swallowed by the sand around it. Click through the gallery and take a tour of this fascinating place.

Scientists are shocked by this enigmatic ancient city

In the western Pacific Ocean, there is a mysterious and mesmerizing unsolved puzzle: the remains of the ancient city of Nan Madol. Situated on the eastern coast of Pohnpei, a Micronesian island, this once-magnificent prehistoric city consists of approximately 100 man-made stone islands with intricate shapes. Strangely, the city is placed on top of a coral reef. The origins of Nan Madol remain unclear, as does the reason for constructing a city so remote from sources of food and water. Nevertheless, the ruins are filled with fascinating tales and supernatural phenomena. Click through the gallery to take a virtual tour of Nan Madol and be transported back in time.

How the world likes to keep fit: Fascinating maps show how dance workouts are the globe's No.1 type of exercise in 2024, while it's pilates that's top in the UK, America and Australia

The maps are colour-coded to indicate the types of exercise each country's residents like the most, with the results generated by an analysis of the exercise people search for most on Google.

Disabled athlete claims Qantas left his wheelchair bent and broken

Timothy Lachlan travelled with the airline from Dallas, Texas to Sydney in February but claims his wheelchair was so badly damaged while on board, it is now unusable.

How to avoid getting sick or injured on vacation

There's seemingly nothing that kills one's joy more than getting sick while traveling. But whether you're packing up the family for a road trip or flying around the world, vacations often come with unexpected surprises that can compromise your immune system and overall physical wellness. It could be that you ate something dodgy that resulted in food poisoning, or you simply got a cold from the plane. Luckily, you can limit these incidents for your next trip. In need of some tips? Click on to learn how you can stay happier and healthier on your next adventure.

Unsolved mysteries of the Wild West

Tales of the Wild West are truly fascinating. Who doesn't like a good American outlaw story, right? But there's more than just lawless men, saloons, and sheriffs on horseback. The truth is that many crimes and other mysteries remain unsolved to this day. From people disappearing without leaving a trace, to mysterious murders where the perpetrator was never found, in this gallery you'll find numerous fascinating stories of the Old West. Click on for more.

Hampshire & Isle of Wight: Thursday's Big Picture

Showcasing the best images sent to us from around Hampshire & Isle of Wight.

Which states have the highest concentration of immigrants?

As the Mother of Exiles, America is known for being the land of opportunities that attracts so many people from the four corners of the world. Out of America’s over 331 million residents, over 45.2 million are foreign-born, more than the entire population of California. The concentration of foreign-born residents has increased in all states since 1990, according to the Migration Policy Institute, but some states attract more immigrants than others. Click through the gallery to see which states, including the District of Columbia, have the highest percentage of foreign-born residents, ranked from least to most.

Why Athens is the hottest city of the moment

Why Athens is the hottest city of the moment - Design-led new hotels, a dynamic food scene, and a boom in contemporary arts make this ancient city a destination in its own right, says Kate Lough

Surrounded by England's most magical countryside and bread so good it could be a main course: Inside the Michelin-starred Lake District restaurant that's on a roll

MailOnline Travel's Ted Thornhill dines at Source at Gilpin Hotel, a Relais & Chateaux property nestled amid some of the Lake District's most bucolic scenery, just east of Windermere.

Notable (and controversial) American artists who changed how we see beauty

In this gallery, check out some of the artists that have left their mark in history and shocked the country. Click on for more!

Flooding shuts cross-border rail line

National Rail said the West Coast Main Line between Carlisle and Lockerbie is blocked.

Terrific tidbits about turtles

Turtles are strange-looking creatures, but they're widely loved and revered around the world. This is partly because of their ancient origins and their uniquely long lives, which many cultures believe gives them special wisdom. They symbolize knowledge, time, immortality, and the Earth. Many allegories and fables have been based around their slow and steady lifestyle. These mysterious reptiles come in all shapes and sizes, can inhabit land or water, and can live to the age of 150! There are plenty of reasons to wonder at the majesty of the turtle. Intrigued? Click through this gallery for more amazing facts.

Copycat syndrome? A look at China’s most impressive knock-off wonders

China is now well-known for its "copycat syndrome," particularly regarding its replicas of world-famous monuments, the originals of which are considered symbols of cultural status reflecting an empire's soft power. While the mimicked attractions may draw in tourists, there might be a bigger motive at work. By recreating other countries' symbols of power, many scholars like archaeologist Jack Carlson believe China is actually asserting its power on a global scale, by essentially bringing the world and all its cultural significance within its bounds. Check out this gallery to see for yourself.

Gorgeous vacation destinations named the cheapest in the United States

The least expensive vacation destinations in the US have been named, and the winner is not only gorgeous but also costs as little as $177 per day.

Nepal sherpa scales Everest for record 30th time

KATHMANDU — A Nepali sherpa guide topped the summit of Mount Everest for a record 30th time on Wednesday, an official said, his second ascent in 10 days. Ordinary climbers are known to take several days to climb the summit of Everest, and it is very rare for mountaineers to make multiple ascents in a short time. […]

Pink, green, purple: check out the world's most colorful beaches

There's nothing better than taking a beach vacation. The idea of sitting back on fine white sand with a drink in hand comes as close to paradise as it gets. But what if you could be sitting on pink or green sand? Colorful beaches are scattered all across the globe, and they are as stunning as your imagination can muster. Browse the gallery and check it out for yourself.

The last unexplored places on Earth

We've been to the Moon, so surely we know every corner of our planet, right? Not quite. Many places on Earth remain largely unexplored. From unclimbed mountains, to the depths of the oceans and rainforests, there are still many ecosystems to be discovered. And not only are there unexplored places, there are also still uncontacted peoples out there! Earth is indeed a big place, and we've not seen it all. In this gallery, we've compiled a list of some of our planet's unexplored places. Click through and start your journey of discovery.

Taylor Swift lifts demand on airline tickets to Europe

Some "Swifties" are jetting to Europe to see the singer live on her wildly popular Eras Tour. Airlines like United and Delta have observed it contributing to higher demand for flying to Europe.

Colombia declares 'protected archeological area' around treasure-laden shipwreck

Colombia on Wednesday declared a "protected archeological area" around the spot where a Spanish galleon sank off its Caribbean coast more than three centuries ago laden with gold, silver and emeralds. The galleon had been heading back from the New World to the court of King Philip V of Spain, bearing chests of emeralds and some 200 tons of gold coins.

Dutch prosecutors studying complaint against's Israeli settlement listings

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Dutch prosecutors are looking into a criminal complaint against over its listing of rental properties in Israeli settlements, they said on Thursday. Dutch non-profit organisation SOMO said it had filed the complaint with the Dutch public prosecutor in November, together with three other human rights groups, but had not gone public with it before. In their

JetBlue, British Airways seek partnership to expand networks

JetBlue, British Airways need DOT approval for the code-sharing agreement, which would allow the airlines to sell seats on each other's flights.

UK tourism workers: how is this summer shaping up?

With summer just around the corner, many families will have already booked holidays, with plenty opting to stay in the UK. Although visitor numbers to the UK’s top tourist attractions are increasing, they continue to remain stubbornly below pre-pandemic levels. It comes as a study found that the seemingly “never-ending” rain last autumn and winter in the UK and Ireland was made 10 times more likely and 20% wetter by human-caused global heating....

The origins of your favorite carnival rides

Amusement and theme parks across the world feature some of the most iconic carnival and fairground attractions ever created, things like the Ferris wheel, the rollercoaster, and the carousel. But have you ever wondered when these spectacular rides were invented, and by whom? Click through and enjoy the thrill of finding out!

Absolutely impressive mountain towns found in America

The United States is home to some of the most stunning mountain scenery in the world. Snow or shine, you can visit one of these towns and find the outdoor adventure of your dreams. Without further ado, here are 50 of the most beautiful mountain destinations America has to offer. Click on to discover them all.

A flight attendant was burned by boiling water, and an elderly woman didn't know where she was after massive turbulence on a Singapore flight, passenger says

"I remember kind of waking up on the floor, and listening to people crying," Josh Silverstone, who was on the flight, said.

The most haunted hotels around the world

When it comes to taking holidays, some search for adventure and take vacations to the extreme. That could mean thrill-seeking in the wild, or even staying the night at a haunted hotel. In fact, there are lots of hotels around the world who have reportedly experienced paranormal activity. Click through the gallery to see the spookiest hotels in the world!

The best (and worst) US cities for immigrants

The quest for a better life, propelled by dreams of opportunity and freedom, has always been a driving force behind the wave of immigration to the United States. Yet, the experience of settling in a new country varies widely from city to city. From the tech hubs of the West Coast to the bustling streets of the East Coast, each city offers its unique blend of challenges and opportunities for immigrants. This gallery explores the best and worst American cities for immigrants, shedding light on the stark contrasts in the reception and support they might encounter. You might be surprised by the cities that top the list as welcoming havens, as well as those that present unexpected hurdles. For a closer look at what makes these cities stand out, for better or worse, click through the gallery.

Remember last year's Memorial Day travel jams? Chances are they will be much worse this year

You didn’t think summer travel would be easy, did you? Highways and airports are likely to be jammed the next few days as Americans head out for Memorial Day weekend getaways and then return home. AAA predicts this will be the busiest start-of-summer weekend in nearly 20 years, with 43.8 million people expected to travel at least 50 miles from home between Thursday and Monday. The Transportation Security Administration says up to 3 million might...

The least visited countries in the world

Blame Instagram and TikTok, but some popular holiday destinations just aren't worth visiting anymore. Big crowds, selfie sticks, and waiting in line can take some of the enjoyment out of being on holiday. But fear not: there are still places in this world you can visit that remain remote, pristine, and untouched. If you're looking for them, the 10 least visited countries in the world are a good place to start! Intrigued? Click on the following gallery to discover the places where it's a lot easier to "switch off"—if you don't mind the time it takes to reach them!

Hospitalised Australian passenger complains about Singapore Airlines silence

A passenger injured in the turbulence-hit Singapore Airlines flight said on Thursday (May 23) that the airline has not been forthcoming with information following the deadly incident.

DMW: All 5 Filipino passengers onboard SQ-321 in stable condition

MANILA, Philippines – The five Filipino passengers who sustained injuries when their Singapore-bound flight struggled due to “extreme turbulence” are now in stable condition, according to the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW). In a statement on Wednesday, DMW said the five Filipino passengers include a family of three with a two-year-old male infant. The infant’s mother is a registered overseas Filipino worker (OFW)—a staff nurse in the United...

Europe’s most dangerous tourist spots for pickpocketing (and how to protect yourself)

While a vacation is often seen as a time to relax, some destinations in Europe can offer the opposite experience. For instance, research by Quotezone, a travel insurance company, has shown that Italy, France, Spain, Germany, and the Netherlands are the top five most popular European countries where people are most likely to be pickpocketed. But what can you do to protect yourself and your valuables? And which tourist spots in particular are hotbeds for pickpocketing? This gallery contains all you need to know. Click to find out more.

Your Summer 2024 Beach Packing List: Swimsuits, Beach Wagons, and More Editor Favorites

Everything you’ll need for the ideal beach day this summer

Southwest Airlines fired pilot who addressed passengers in Spanish when engine burst into flames

Southwest Airlines fired pilot who addressed passengers in Spanish when engine burst into flames - The Boeing 737 that experienced emergency moments after takeoff from Houston in August 2023

Crisis averted: all you need to know about airplane turbulence

Turbulence is a challenging weather phenomenon that can frighten even the most frequent of flyers. And while modern commercial airliners are fully equipped to withstand all types of turbulence and are flown by pilots trained to safely operate a plane during such an event, a rough, bumpy, and unsteady flight is an uncomfortable and unnerving experience. Indeed, it's no fun at all. So, what exactly is turbulence, how is it caused, and what measures can be taken to reduce its effects? Buckle up and click through this gallery to find out!

Flash sale knocks 25% off celeb loved suitcases perfect for Ryanair, Easyjet, Jet2 and more

Shoppers can step up their suitcase game this summer thanks to a limited-time flash sale from Antler

Matsuri: The traditional festivals of Japan

Japan's festivals are inexorably linked with the country's many shrines, with most held to celebrate the shrine's deity or a seasonal or historical event. In Japan, festivals are called matsuri. Always colorful and compelling, these festivals are invariably celebrated with music and dance, with each unique in character and serving to reflect the country's ancient culture and traditional heritage. So are you planning to visit the land of the rising sun for some festive fun? Click through and time your stay with some of the best traditional festivals in the country.