Tourism will definitely get a major boost once Phase 1C, or the newest phase of the Pasig River urban Development plan, opens in August as it will make walking the tourist spot Intramuros, hipster haven Escolta, and the oldest Chinatown in the World Binondo, a breeze.

Phase 1C is a 250-meter development running from Plaza de Mexico in Intramuros across Jones Bridge and down to the esplanade behind the Manila Post Office, which was launched last January.

It features a walkway on the ground floor, with some 32 stalls for commercial lease and a roof deck above it for biking, walking, or simply enjoying the view of the Pasig River. It is adored with intricate balusters made by skilled Filipino craftsmen.     

The entire project, which costs around P12-18B and extends the entire 26-kilometers of the Pasig River, aims to not just be cosmetic in nature. Apart from highlighting the importance of taking care of the Pasig River, it also aims help in the traffic situation by improving pedestrianization and alternative mobility in the area.

In an "Unang Balata" report, GMA Integrated News' Jonathan Andal said the inter-agency urban renewal project will make walking (or biking) easier among residents and visitors of Manila, be it from Binondo to Luneta or Intramuros to Quiapo. Plans are now afoot to build another 135-boardwalk from Plaza de Mexico to Fort Santiago. 

According to a press statement, rest rooms will be placed in the commercial area, so you won't look hulas walking between your destinations.

In case you're wondering about the smell, there is still a faint odor coming from the river. It's been neglected for decades after all. But the government is already working on a technical solution so the smell will be gone when Phase 1C opens in August.

By the way, there are provisions for a sewage treatment plant to make the leasable stalls environment-friendly, aligning with the project's mission to make caring for the environment a priority.

President Ferdinand "BongBong" Marcos Jr. and First Lady Louise Araneta-Marcos led the inspection of the latest phase of the project Sunday. In his speech, Marcos said he wants the whole project to be completed in three years. 

“Bringing the Pasig River back to life mirrors our ongoing journey towards a brighter future for our country. How well we do here will reflect our efforts in other areas of the country and how successful we are at improving and leaving the country a better place than we found it,” Marcos said. 

Among those present at Sunday's event were beauty queens Gloria Diaz, Chelsea Manalo, Margie Moran.

— LA, GMA Integrated News


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